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Wittner Chrome 200D Super 8 Colour Reversal stock

£45.00 / Sold Out

Super 8 cartridge 15m/50ft
ISO 200/24 ​​° daylight (5500K without filter)
ISO 50/18 ° Tungsten / Movie light (3200-3400K with filter Wratten 80A)

This is due to an increase in cost from our suppliers and the fact that these are the last ever rolls of this stock!

This colour reversal film replaces Kodak's discontinued stock Ektachrome 100D, and can be developed in E6 reversal processing chemistry. This is a high image-quality colour reversal film with an ASA of 200, meaning you can use it in lower lighting situations...the film creates sharp images, even for the smallest details and has high colour saturation and colour purity. This film is the standard 50ft length and will shoot 3:20 seconds of footage at 18fps.

Sadly this stock has been discontinued. These are the last rolls to be slit by Wittner until the new Ferrania Film Stock comes along.

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