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Super 8 b/w filmmaking and negative hand processing Adox Aeterna

£80.00 / On Sale

This highly popular and intensive course is perfect for newcomers to film as a medium.

The workshop takes you through the Super 8 camera, how to shoot film, and hand process. Examining cameras and their features, current film stocks, exposure, light meters you will shoot Adox b/w super 8 stock and learn how to hand process this film as a negative in a Lomo developing tank.

The course ends with a screening of the films made, which will then be screened in the evening at The Klinker Club which is taking place that evening. Films will be scored by guest musical improvisors.

You may wish to use your own cameras on this course, although no.w.here can provide basic models.

Please note that spaces for this workshop are limited to four only and are offered on a strictly first come, first serve basis.