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Student Membership


IMPORTANT: You MUST fill out the membership form after payment: no.w.here Membership Form

Please also submit images of your work through our Members' Image Submission Form

no.w.here's membership is an 'open door' to our networks for critical discussion, screenings, performance, and production. Non hierarchical in nature, we respect and encourage a mix of emerging & established artists, academics, writers and thinkers. Overall we encourage participation and support emerging and established practitioners.

no.w.here demonstrates it's support for students and encourages active members by offering 50% off the full price of membership for full time students. This membership type provides the same benefits as regular membership but is priced to reflect the economic situation incurred by students.

Membership includes access to the lab space, facilities and resources on no.w.here's first floor, as well as substantial discounts to no.w.here workshops and courses, discounted film processing services and film stock purchases. Valid for 12 months.

Member Exclusive Services & Discounts:
- 20% off film stock & film supplies
- 30% off the full price of workshops
- 45% off B&W negative development
- 30% off B&W film prints
- 30% off telecine
- Free Bolex H16 camera hire ∞
- Tuition on equipment exclusive to members @ £40 p/hour

Lab Equipment & Facilities:
- Optical Printer *
- Rostrum Camera *
- Contact Printer *
- Hand processing 8mm, 16mm & 35mm in Lomo tanks^
- 16mm Steenbecks & CIR splicers
- Film rewind arms & light box
- 8mm & 16mm Projectors

Partner Discounts:
- I-Dailies: 22p per foot on processing & HD telecine over 400ft
- Silverprint: 5% discount on photochemistry, containers, film stock, books
- Bolex.co.uk: 5% off purchase of a 16mm Bolex
- Movie Camera Support: Discounted Bolex Camera Repairs & Spares (up to £60 off)
- Edward Nowill: Reduced rates for standard 8mm B&W film stock

By paying the membership fee, you are agreeing to no.w.here's terms and conditions as outlined in this store. Please take a moment to take a look and reflect on our policy: Terms & Conditions

*You MUST fill out the membership form in order to validate your membership: no.w.here Membership Form

The date that you fill out the membership form is the date that your membership is valid from for one calendar year.

You will also be emailed and issued with a discount code for use online at this store when booking workshops to receive 30% off. You are automatically entitled to 20% off on products, no code needed once you have joined.

Please note: New members and existing members without experience wanting to hand process film need to undertake a darkroom induction which covers the following: chemical mixing, instruction in loading a lomo tank, hand processing, and a health and safety overview. £20 (payable upon booking session), sessions are run once a month.

∞ £5 administration fee chargeable for Bolex hire. Bolex hire is free for three days, after which a fee of £30 per day is charged. A deposit of £250 must be left which is fully refundable upon return of equipment in the original condition as loaned out.
*You must demonstrate proficiency in use of major equipment by having undertaken a workshop or tuition first.
^You must supply your own chemicals and storage containers - we will supply you with the recipes, chemical lists and suppliers.