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Something out of Nothing out of Something

£70.00 / Sold Out

Saturday 3rd December 2016. Takes place at no.w.here, first floor 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AG. Workshop runs from 10:30 - 5pm. no.w.here members £70, non-members £120. Limited to 6 participants!

This is an exciting time for artists using motion picture film to say the least. Availability of film stocks changes regularly with the tides of commercial film manufacturers… and the expertise of artisan and artist filmmakers is growing all the time! Thanks to current research and skill-sharing across the world-wide independent photochemical film-making community, no.w.here is able to offer a workshop on making your own film emulsion - from scratch!

We will first make a photosensitive emulsion before spreading this on a base layer and using our homemade film to make a camera-less animated film.

No chemical knowledge required - but do be prepared for a darkroom based workshop that involves mixing chemistry! Old clothes and an apron recommended.